Lectures on Mongolian and Tibetan Cultures

Description: Ministry of Culture​ invites scholars, experts, and writers to carry out 8 lectures on various topics of Mongolian and Tibetan cultures for the general public.
Registration: https://goo.gl/yrC3Pr
Date: 2017/4/29 to 2017/9/30
Venue: Details as below
Lecture Topics
Date Venue Topics
2017.4.29 (Sat)
Mongolian and Tibetan Cultural Center Tibetan Tour—Roaming in Buddhist Chants
2017.5.27 (Sat)
Mongolian and Tibetan Cultural Center World cultural heritage in Republic of Mongolia
2017.6.23 (Fri)
Business Weekly 4F Fascinated with Tibet! Indulge your soul in the heavenly experience
2017.6.30 (Fri)
Wen-hui-t'ang Auditorium, National Palace Museum Understanding the interaction between Qing Dynasty, Mongolia and Tibet by appreciating the artifacts
2017.7.20 (Thu)
Taipei Lecture Hall Art and Buddhist practices
2017.8.9 (Wed)
Business Weekly 4F A bite of Tibet
2017.8.23 (Wed)
Business Weekly 4F Walk on the summit of the world: Tibetan photography of the holy lakes and sacred mountains
2017.9.29 (Fri)
Business Weekly 4F From Ladakh to Tibet:Dancing with drums as migration